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Thank you so much for visiting Gen IV Nuclear Energy Systems Services’ Career Section.  When new positions are available, this section will be updated with a list of openings.  Résumés or Curricula Vitae may be sent to:

Please visit this section as often as you can to view our extraordinary and most fulfilling job opportunities in the Gen IV & V Reactor development fields; both for terrestrial applications, as well as extraterrestrial and deep space missions (that is, if you enjoy being among the pioneers whose job is to Produce Spacecrafts with Sub-Light Speed).  

To best serve our clients, we recruit, retain, and honor a world class-workforce.

Gen IV Nuclear Energy Systems Services is pleased to invite applications for “In-Space Propulsion” & “Space Power”  Positions Listed Below


  • Particle Accelerator Physicist (Deep Space, Propulsion)
  • Plasma Physicists (Deep space, propulsion​*)
  • Psychologist (Hands-on experience on effects of long term deep space assignment) 
  • Materials Scientist (self-healing, liquid metals) 
  • Artificial Intelligence Scientist (e.g., generative adversarial networks, autonomous-deep-space-vehicles) 
  • Rocket Scientist*
  • Astronautical Engineer*
  • Astrodynamics*
  • Orbital-Mechanics*
  • Spacecraft Systems Architect & Design Engineer*

    *SMEs with hands-on analytical experience on space-based vehicles with [hyper] Specific Impulse (> 400,000 seconds)